1. The Best Italian Shoes for Men

    During the 17th century guys’s boots dominated footwear. Fitting with buttons rather than laces and generally high, they were worn inside and outside.

    Yet this type of footwear was quite cozy and it appears likely the pupils Oxford University popularized a “half boot” called the Oxonian Shoe, even though it isn't completely clear who just invented the Oxford shoe. In the beginning, the Oxonian shoe featured narrow slits on its sides which caused it to be a whole lot more comfy to wear around campus as opposed to boots that were high then in vogue. These side laces made their approach to the instep of the boot. Additional changes contained lowering of the height as well as the heel. It's still a subject of discussion regarding whether all these changes occurred on campus, which appears highly unlikely.

    Some claim the Oxford shoe appeared from Ireland and Scotland ...